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We’re excited to announce our new partnership with old friends - The Impossible Project. Impossible produces new instant film for classic Polaroid cameras, keeping the visceral art of instant analog photography alive for today’s romantics.

To empower you to capture every fleeting moment, each guest room at Ace Hotels in New York, Palm Springs, Portland and Seattle is now stocked with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of Impossible x Ace Hotel PX600 Silvershade instant black & white film in the mini-bar.

Custom film and cameras are also available on our online shop and at select niche retail shops worldwide including The Impossible Project Spaces in Vienna, Tokyo and New York.

To celebrate, we’re hosting a gallery show through October 14, featuring works by friends of Ace and The Impossible Project. To learn more about the artists on display or to share your own work with fellow dreamers and instant photography-lovers alike, check out

We’ll have more news about our year-long collaboration with Impossible right here on our blog. Stay tuned…


TCGS #28 - Ruin This Show

Chris has to deal with the consequences after going on national television and announcing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that he wanted everyone to come to the next taping of TCGS and attempt to ruin the show. No touching the panel. No touching equipment. Everything else was fair game. What resulted was a cacophony of chaos as performers and audience members alike came out in droves to ruin the Chris Gethard Show. Chris’ only ally for the night was CollegeHumor’s Jeff Rubin who made his first appearance on the show and waded through the insanity with Chris. Aside from Jeff the only other rest from the chaos were the amazing and hilarious dance routines of the bad-ass Cocoon Central Dance Team. In the end, Chris asked the audience to ruin the show, and the audience delivered. Consider this show ruined.

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Dying Immigrant Denied Kidney Transplant Because He Is Undocumented



Jesus Navarro, a dialysis patient who will die without a kidney transplant, has private insurance. He has a donor to provide the needed kidney. But because he is an undocumented immigrant, hospital administrators at UC San Francisco Medical Center are refusing to allow the procedure, saying that there is no guarantee Navarro will receive the necessary follow-up care because of his immigration status. Now, Navarro is stuck in an “ethical gray area” for the hospital. “It puts the doctors in a very awkward and torn position,” said Arthur Caplan, a bioethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “You come into this trying to do good and find yourself stuck in the middle of a fight about immigration.”

For eight years, Navarro has used a home dialysis machine to cleanse his blood after his kidneys began to fail. He reached the top of the waitlist for a kidney in the spring, but doctors called off his transplant when they discovered his immigration status. Even after his wife offered her kidney for the transplant, administrators still refused to allow the surgery. Reece Fawley, executive director of transplantation at UC San Francisco, said in a statement that the hospital considers socioeconomic stability for all patients, including immigration status.

Navarro’s situation highlights a dilemma for hospitals when it comes to organ transplants for immigrants, especially if their undocumented status threatens their continued access to insurance:

Though no data are available, anecdotal evidence suggests clinics sometimes perform organ transplants on illegal immigrants, especially when the patients are young. In one high-profile case, UCLA Medical Center gave an undocumented woman three liver transplants before she turned 21.

But health administrators also reject patients because of their immigration status, though that usually happens when the patients lack insurance. Bellevue Hospital in New York attracted attention last year when it refused to transplant a kidney between brothers because they could not pay for the operation. […]

Some bioethicists say the hospital should have performed the surgery because Navarro would not be taking resources away from other patients or putting his wife at serious risk.

After all, many legal residents fail to follow their post-surgical plan.

Some lawmakers would even want hospitals to check the immigration status for all patients. The Arizona legislature considered a bill that would require that, and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said in November that it would not be going “too far” to have hospitals ask patients about their immigration status.

But in the meantime, Navarro’s private insurance from his job would cover the transplant and follow-up care, but he lost job last month after an immigration audit and his insurance could run out. If he is unable to extend his insurance and ends up in California’s Medi-Cal program, his problem would worsen because Medi-Cal would not cover the immunosuppressive drugs that prevent organ rejection after a transplant. “We don’t know what to do,” his wife said. “It’s like we’re on a ledge — we can’t go here or there.”

The only real thing Republicans have to fear from ‘death panels’ would be a panel stopping them from letting immigrants, people of color, and the poor die like this. 

It’s such clear racism, too, that’s what kills me. Immigrant haters defend actions like this by pointing to the letter of the law being broken, as if that makes letting the poor man die any less heinous. I wonder if they’d want doctors to let a jaywalker die if he got hit by a car, or leave people in burning cars to die if they were speeding when they crashed- of course not. It’s only because these people come from a foreign culture and don’t speak their language that they are denied basic human rights, and for no other reason.

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